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Mandarin Beijing offers 200 different delicious dishes, from popular Beijing Duck to the famous Salted Pepper Chicken Wings, there’s something tasty for everyone.

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Great Place

Open 7 days a week including special holidays like Christmas and New Years. Dine-in, Take-out, or Party Trays, Mandarin Beijing is the perfect place for all your special occasions.

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Mandarin Beijing also offers 40 different affordable delicious lunch specials for only .95 to .95. Our Lunch Special is served between 11:00am – 3:00 pm everyday!

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Karina L.

I want to start by saying don't believe what other reviewers posted about high prices. Gave them 2 stars based on raising the price? Really???? I recently moved from North County ( I have lived in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas and San Marcos so I have been to many different places) we ordered for to go and ordered same items We usually order at other restaurants in North County, paid about the same amount $$$ but the amount of food we got here is not even comparable. We got 3-4 times more food here than any other place we have been in San Diego county. The quality and taste was very good and the price? Great price for the amount of food given. I guess some people take it for granted when they haven't lived in other cities. The only downside is the beef and broccoli didn't have a lot of beef but the flavor was great but Won't keep me from coming back LOL. Great price, quality and quantity. Definitely will be coming back to this place. Happy happy new customer!!!


David G.

Pretty rude service. I only come here because I live close by and am to tired to drive to the other local restaurants. Just know what you want ahead of time, don't ask what is in what and you will be okay. I wanted to try the seafood soup and asked what was in it, I got "shrim, fih, clauhh." I then asked what is another soup and got, "crispy rice". An absolute disdain for service. I asked for extra napkins while pointing at my used one. I got another cup of water. Great portions, rude service but they must be doing something right to be in business for this long. Will I return, probably yes only when I am too tired to go down the street to get better salted pepper wings....


Tristan O.

Good Chinese food location tucked away at a corner plaza. Easily accessible. See attached pictures. LARGE PORTIONS!   1). Food. They have large portions served that I was eating leftovers for the next few days. Price is expensive but worth the amount of food you would get.      - pan fried noodles. Very good order. Lots of toppings and very tasty. Nice sized portions provided. Recommended order.        - beef fried rice. Large servings.  This one is not too salty and a little bland.  Not too bad and is also recommended.     - General Tso's chicken. Large chicken portions than what I am used too. Crunchy and borderline hard/tough. A little too sweet compared to orders from other establishments.   2). Customer Service. Good overall experience here. Attentive and friendly.   3). Atmosphere. Nice location. Slightly better than the typical plaza restaurants. Clean.     4). Other. Located in a busy plaza with other food establishments available if you change your mind about Chinese food (just don't go to Domino's - please see my other review).   Average location. Slightly different interpretation on the typical Chinese food specialties but overall, not bad. Would I go here again?  I don't see why not. Be ready to eat leftovers after, or bring some to work for lunch.


Nakkia D.

Horrible restaurant!!! Food is terrible and the customer service is even worse. If I could rate them a zero I would. We ordered an entree and did not care for it. We let management know and they would not take it off our bill. They were extremely rude and said that since we ordered it they wouldn't take it off our bill. I worked in the restaurant industry for years and am not one to complain about food but it was awful! I have never been to another restaurant with such poor customer service.


Rhea B.

If you're looking for a clean and delicious Mandarin restaurant in San Diego, you have to go here. Portions are  HUGE so you're money is well spent. Other reviews say that service is bad, but I have never had bad service. The waitresses would always come to ask if we need anything or just come to clean off the table. Also, having a child in a restaurant is always rough, so they have lollipops at the counter to help put a smile of the child's face! Location is in a plaza, but has the best location in the plaza considering that they have access to a parking lot and street parking. I highly recommend the salt and pepper chicken wings,the house noodles, the house fried rice, and their soups. There is also the option of buying party trays! Overall, this is a great family restaurant considering that the portions are huge and will be able to be shared around the table, so choose wisely.


Nicole F.

I can't believe this small restaurant has been here for almost 7 years and I just tried it. Having worked in a Chinese restaurant back in college and having lived in Taiwan for a summer I tend to be extra critical. We ordered the lunch specials priced at .75 so I was expecting half portions and maybe they were smaller than the dinner size but they were still huge. Our favorite was the salt and pepper green beans. They are expertly fried and with such a huge portion we couldn't even finish half. They reheated in a skillet at home to the exact crispiness that they were served originally...quite impressive and loaded with garlic and chile flakes... very flavorful. Shrimp in black bean sauce were good but I wish they didn't have so many bell peppers. Mongolian chicken was also tasty. The dumplings were not as good as the other dishes so I wouldn't order that again. My only other complaint is that many Chinese restaurants tend to over tenderize their chicken and beef which causes the integrity of the protein to be broken down too much. I did overhear some people saying, "wow they raised their prices." Since this was my first time dining here I can say that for the portion, the price seemed reasonable. Based on seeing the sizes of other dishes being served one order easily feeds two. We got three dishes (2 of which were lunch specials) and we had leftovers twice out of it. Ultimately the flavors are authentic for a Chinese restaurant in the US and I will definitely be returning.


Richard V.

Love the authenticity of this restaurant. Food is made hot and fresh every time I come here. I don't understand why anyone complains about prices. This is as cheap as Chinese food gets. Salt and pepper wings are amazing. Recommend going here during lunch, they have individual lunch special options. Very accessible to where I live only takes 2 minutes to get there. Parking is a bit tough with in n out being in the same lot. Also a lot of people expect this to taste like Panda Express, don't bash on it because you have no idea what authentic Asian cuisine is supposed to taste like. One thing I would say is my servers accent was pretty thick so it was hard to communicate what I needed but I don't let it bother me!


Michelle E.

MY FAVORITE SPOT FOR CHINESE FOOD!This is my go-to spot! It is located in a shopping plaza next to In & Out and Denny's in the Eastlake area. Parking is never and issue and food ALWAYS stays consistent no matter how busy they are. Bbq Pork Chow Mein Noodles-The noodles are always toasted so well here you can taste the fire from the wok which is the main reason why I always come back to this specific spot! Amazing flavorful noodles with tons of bbq pork slices! PORTIONS ARE ALWAYS HUGE! BEST EVER!Salted Pepper Chicken Wings-A must if you ever come here crunchy garlicky spicy salty MSG sprinkled goodness! Highly popular item here! MUST TRY!Sweet & Sour Shrimp-Fluffy/Crispy battered large pieces of shrimp then sauces to perfection! The added pineapple, green pepper & onion slices are the perfect compliment to the shrimp. RECOMMENDED!AWESOME FOOD. GIGANTIC PORTIONS. FRESH AND DELICOUS. CALL IN YOUR ORDER AND HAVE IT PICKED UP TO AVOID THE LINES!


Andree C.

Please stay away !!! Service was terrible and my food taste like dog. The service gals dont know a lick of english which made ordering a headache and my order was all wrong . They made no efforts to correct my order and demanded a tip for the terrible service . Save your self the stress as it wasn't good either . Shame on you . THIS PLACE SUCKS !!! 0 STARS IF WAS AN OPTION


Michael S.

Wanted to add a few pictures to my last review!  But Yelp will not simply let me just add pictures to update my review.


Angie R.

BEWARE PRICES WENT UP IN 2019 by a lot!!! This review is based on price... the food is good portions are average. I'm disappointed in the prices. They recently raised their prices and were not talking 25, 50 cents...or even a its more like .25 or higher... its Chinese food a small hole in a wall that's charging about the same or more than PF Chang's!! I bought 4 items and my total was !!! I was shocked! Because obviously prices on yelp and on their website are incorrect... so beware major hikenupnin prices I rather drive to the place on H st and get same portions, better taste for half the price. I won't be going back due to the prices


Jereth T.

If you are going to order food during the weekend save yourself some time and headache and go to Golden Chopsticks or Royal Mandarin. I know it's farther but you will still get your food after than waiting here at Mandarin Beijing. They will tell you over the phone that it will be ready in 30 min but they will not make it till you pay for it when you get there. They are also rude over the phone. I will never go here again and will never recommend this place to anyone. The food is good but the customer service is horrible.


Royal R.

Wow, coconut shrimp super yummy! THE best I've tasted! Jumbo size & nice portion. Wasn't sure about the glazed pecan garnishing, but once I tasted I wanted more. I'd buy the nuts in itself! Small, hidden location, but worth the visit...again & again. Even for those not big into Chinese food, one of my party really enjoyed & want to come back & bring others to try it out too.


RunDisney M.

This Chinese Restaurant is amazing! I stumbled across this place by accident and was not disappointed. The food quality and tease is superb. There are many, many items to choose from on their big menu. There are great lunch specials and Campos. My personal favorites include the salt and pepper chicken wings as well as the salt and pepper fish fillet. Great amount of spice and authentic Chinese cuisine. Very reasonable prices for large portions of food. If you were ever in the Eastlake area, this is a place that you should try. Highly recommended five star service and very nice employees and staff. 5 stars


Melvin J.

I ordered salt and pepper chicken wings and they were all dried up and look like they were re fried a second time period I'll say good chicken fried rice with extra chicken that the chicken in the fried rice was also very dried up hard I through More than  Half of all the food in the trash. The food used to be really good and the restaurant always full, however there was no one in the restaurant  And the food was lousy


June A.

I can honestly say this was almost perfect. Let me talk about the reasons for this review, customer service and the taste of the food. What reallllyyy upsets me was their persistency of making it a thing to put us (a family of 5) in the smallest corner table in the back with the handicap sign on the table. Mind you we have been there 4 times and every time its that same table they try to put us in. Its not the fact that it was handicapped or in the corner, but the fact that every time we go its only us or us and 2 other parties, like they couldnt put us in a bigger table. The first 2 times I've complained and they had no choice but to comply and had these little tantrums about it. I had told them that I did not want that table because the handicap sign sticks out from the table and that our plate is now placed in the most awkward position. We went in today and the waitress told us to sit there and even had the manager backed her up because she knew I always complain about that table. There was another party of 4 that came in after so I decided to comply this time. The manager was nice and from time to time come and talk to us but it was like she try to give me this reason about sitting the other group there because of the baby and if they had soup with would be easier for the baby. Like how can you give me that excuse, like how do you know they would order soup? She would seat mean in the table in front of that one? Nope. Like get rid of that handicap sign or make it into a sticker or something. Its always a fight over there. That table was meant for 4 people not 5.Their food, is good. Its almost taste like another chinese restaurant that is in National City ( I won't say just in respect) but their salt and pepper chicken wings is very close meaning its that dang good. Fried rice is great as well. Soup is a little bland but its do-able when you add things like salt. Bottom line food it great! Customer service.... your better off just doing a take out order.


Rodney Ami F.

Good food. Quickly prepared. Personal fave: salt and pepper calamari and lo mein noodles. Our go to for good Chinese food in Eastlake/Chula/South Bay Area.


Rianne D.

I'm all about convenience. I commute most days to mid-San Diego, so when I come home, I'm not thinking about cooking. I'm thinking about what I'm craving and where can I order it. Mandarin Beijing is one of my go to places for ordering dinner for the family. They also happen to have one of my favorite soups - bbq pork and wontons with egg noodle. When I can't swing by Minh Ky, when I'm craving egg noodle soup, I do a pick up at Mandarin Beijing.Lunch specials are a good deal. Dinner pricing is on par with the other Chinese restaurants this side of the 805. I don't typically eat in, so it's usually take out. They haven't gotten my order wrong, yet. But, then again, I always check before I leave the restaurant. The few times I have eaten here, staff has been friendly and attentive, but it's never been busy. Both times, my family and I have missed the lunch/dinner rush. Parking can be a pain in the butt, sharing the shopping center with a Ralph's, Denny's, In-and-Out and Oggi's. But, I always manage to find a spot, even if I have to hike a bit.


Michael G.

Nice place to bring the family.. Good prices and the decor on the inside is nice to look at... BBQ spare ribs were delicious so I would get those of that is your thing


Cece J.

I went in yesterday and got egg foo yong for my mother. She love their egg foo yong because it reminds her of the Chinese food in Chicago where we are from. It was a really sweet lady who helped me and the food was so bomb! I heard horror stories of the customer service I don't get that. Also, I was next door neighbors to the family. Their kids went to school with my kids. Sweet, hard working family. The mom really make things happen for the family. On that note, Happy Mother's Day!!!

About Mandarin Beijing and reviewsAbout Mandarin Beijing and reviewsAbout Mandarin Beijing and reviewsAbout Mandarin Beijing and reviewsAbout Mandarin Beijing and reviews