13 healthy dessert recipes

Of course we all like desserts . They are the finishing touch for a delicious meal or a simple craving in the middle of the day (or at night). The problem is that they have sugar, flour and any amount of chemicals that are not exactly the best for us. The ideal? Eat healthy desserts

For many people healthy desserts are synonymous with eating something boring, lacking flavor, and that's why they prefer dispense with them.

The other reason why healthy desserts do not have the popularity that "normal desserts" have is because apparently they are more complicated to elaborate.

Well, the truth is that all these are cheap excuses, there are many simple and wonderfully delicious healthy dessert recipes that you can prepare in your kitchen. And of course, here at Comedera.Com we have some for you.

Our favorite healthy desserts

At Comedera.Com we have our personal selection. We love these recipes and every time we feel "guilty" for overeating (we never feel guilty), we prepare them.

Homemade Oreo Cookies

Are you going to tell me Do oreo cookies at home is not an amazing idea? And by the way they are healthy! What's more, we love this recipe so much that it's also a favorite on our dessert page where the "unhealthy" ones are also.

Chocolate Mousse

This recipe for chocolate mousse has the genius of having avocado among its ingredients (!) and it is sweetened with dates (!!!).

Yogurt Cake

This dessert is delicious and fun to prepare. You may be frightened by the elaboration process as it has several steps, but in the end it is not as complicated as it seems. And the result is fantastic!

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More healthy desserts ...

Apart from the prayers As published in Comedera.Com, we have prepared this list with 5 options of healthy and delicious desserts from other websites that we are fans of:

  • Three chocolates cake: dulcesdiabeticos.com has a delicious cake recipe made with three different types of chocolates and textures. And of course, without sugar.
  • Banana and date roll: simpletybs.com has this recipe that seems super original to me and when you read it you will not believe how simple it is. prepare.
  • Healthy chocolate chip cookies: fitnessrevolucionario.com teaches us how to make delicious chocolate chip cookies that do not get fat. In 15 minutes they are ready!
  • Banana and oat cake without flour or sugar: charitoperaza.blogspot.com . Well, the title of the recipe already explains everything.Eating healthy is much easier than people think 🙂