How to make rice with milk

We are going to answer the question how to make rice with milk? and we will tell you how nutritious it is to incorporate it from time to time into your diet.

Let's start by saying that rice is a cereal - that is to say, one of the most complete - devoid of cholesterol and with a significant load of fiber and energy. If you add milk to white rice , you add beneficial animal protein to the vegetable protein that already contains, as well as powerful vitamins and calcium that your bones like.

Did you think that a dessert could not provide you with fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals?

Say goodbye to that old belief by welcoming this recipe with easy milk, and touch the culinary zenith after each bite. of a substantial homemade dessert.

Recipe of rice with homemade milk

Are you ready to learn to prepare rice with milk? It's an easy and delicious dessert that anyone can make at home Come on!

 recipe for rice pudding dessert easy
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Rice with easy milk

Learn how to prepare a delicious rice with homemade milk.Stir from time to time, keeping it on medium heat.


While the milk is hot, it's time to take care of the rice. And it is in this step where grandmothers, bakers, chefs, amateur chefs and anyone interested in the subject has something to say, because there are several ways to pre-treat the rice, and the one you choose will determine the final result that the dessert will have./p>

At least there are 3 ways to process the rice grains before it becomes a rice pudding:

  • The soaking technique: there are those who leave the rice in soak 20 to 30 minutes before starting to prepare the recipe, discarding the water of soaking once it turns whitish.
  • The washing technique: there are those who wash the rice in a colander leaving it a few minutes under a stream of abundant water, until the whitish liquid that releases the grains becomes crystalline.
  • The technique of early cooking: there are those who cook the rice as it would be cooked to consume it as a companion to other foods, or even recycle if they had left over some other food.

Choose one or another option, the important thing here is to know that the techniques of the previous washing and soaking will allow the rice to release its starch to achieve a creamier texture of the sweet, while the technique of cooking or recycling will result in a more caked rice pudding. Everything is a matter of taste. We always prefer to wash or soak the beans, but if you have leftover rice, it will be a good idea to throw it in a wonderful dessert instead de

Rice with milk

Now look carefully when the milk you have on the burner will reach its boiling point and break to boil, because right then you must add the well-drained rice that you previously processed . Done this, put the fire under.

The rice will swell and gain volume by hydration action with the milk and while this happens your work will watch it, take care of it and pamper it, stirring it from time to time with a wooden spoon. If you do not, it will stick to the bottom of the pot and run the risk of burning and becoming inedible. You must cook it this way for 55 minutes.

You will know if your rice is ready when the milk has been reduced considerably, although not completely, by acquiring a texture of creamy rice with tender grains. If you still feel hard, leave it for 5 more minutes, but always foresee that the milk has not dried completely, because once removed from the fire the rice will continue to absorb a little more broth until it manages to settle. If you allow the milk to vaporize completely, it will be very dry, so feel the moisture.

When you get the midpoint between softened, reduced milk and moisture, remove it from the fire and carefully dig for it. extract the lemon peels and the cinnamon sticks. Now throw the butter, letting it melt with the heat and melting with the cooked rice, and let the creaminess be made!

how to make rice with milk desserts

Ornaments and variants

Sprinkle with cinnamon powder. If you like exotic flavors you can try adding honey, or almonds, or evaporated milk, or slices of apple, or coconut, or raisins ... in short, your personal touch. Taste warm or cold from the fridge.

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And remember, there's dessert that does not come well 😉

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