Rice with chicken: easy and quick recipe

Rice with chicken is a delicious recipe that we have all probably eaten since our childhood, and throughout our lives, hand in hand with our mothers or grandmothers.

It is one of those meals whose preparation is inherited and learned directly in the kitchen.

The good thing about this rice with chicken recipe is that apart from being easier to prepare of what you imagine, it is an abundant and very nutritious food that many people can eat. And they're going to enjoy it!

How to make rice with chicken?

I'll explain below how to prepare this delicious dish with a recipe, as I said before, inherited from grandmother to mother and mother to child.

 rice with chicken
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Homemade chicken rice

Learn to prepare rice with chicken easy, step by step.Add a pinch of salt to highlight the flavors and reserve all this sofrito in a separate container.
  • In this same pot, with a little more olive oil seals the chicken pieces, including breasts, on all sides. Then add back the sauce and mix.
  • Add the 2 cups of white rice , stir well and put the 4 cups of chicken broth, a teaspoon of salt, a little pepper to taste and a teaspoon of yellow dye. Finally put the corn and the fresh peas. Stir again so that the chicken, rice and vegetables are distributed throughout the paella pan and let it boil in peace.
  • When the liquid is almost dry, lower the heat to the minimum and cover. Leave to cook for 20 minutes.
  • Test the grain, if it is ready, remove it from the Fire and serve with a stream of olive oil on top.
  • Recipe of rice with chicken step a step

    It is important to answer some frequently asked questions about this dish:

    What pieces of chicken do I use?

    In this case I used a whole chicken, chopped into pieces . But you can very well make a rice with chicken breast , and you know what? It is an excellent idea, especially if you do not want to fight with the bones, or if children are going to eat it.

    You can also make rice with chicken wings ... or rice with chicken butts, rice with jamoncitos, practically any piece.

    My recommendations: 1 whole chicken and, perhaps, an extra piece of chicken breast to complete.

    What vegetables can I add to this chicken with rice?

    Practically the ones you have. Vegetables and even previously cooked vegetables. In this recipe there are onions, peppers, peas, olives and corn.

    But you can also put mushrooms or mushrooms, in fact it is a very good idea. Also cooked chickpeas, not much just a small fist. Some people put carrots, in this case I do not do it to "sweeten" the dish.

    You can add artichokes, green beans, piquillo peppers, leeks. Be creative.

    Do I have to use chicken broth?

    Well, it's not mandatory, but I'd say yes. The taste difference is quite large. I have done it with and without broth and it shows. Hey! But do not cheat! Do not use cubes! Make a good chicken stock, or at least buy one that is 100% natural.

    Do you put chorizo ​​with rice and chicken?

    Yes, I put chorizo, but very little . It seems to me that in a small amount it gives an interesting taste bump. Just be careful, if you put more, it becomes invasive.

    One idea: if you have children you can put sausages, they love them.

    Pot, pan or paella pan?

    Skillet not, unless it's big and deep. You can use a pot, even a large clay pot, but the best thing is a paella pan. For something this recipe is also called chicken paella.

    Ready, now you are going to cook a delicious rice with chicken and vegetables.

     rice recipe with chicken

    Depending on the country in which you find this recipe may have many variations, and this is fun because you can prepare it in many ways and be very creative.

    • In Spain it is more of a paella and can include rabbit among its ingredients, becoming confused with the famous Valencian paella without necessarily being the same.It's easy.
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